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Premium Protection for your Car Paint

V-KOOL Paint Protection Film (PPF) is trusted by owners of luxury marques to provide a superior car paint protection solution.

The V-KOOL PPF Difference

The top-of-line V-KOOL PPF products offer a proprietary Aqua-Coat™ Hydrophobic protection that repels liquids and reduces water marks, keeping your car looking pristine and beautiful.

Stay Protected

Tru-Heal Technology

Advanced self-healing layer that, with applied heat, renews the film back to its original state. Never worry about minor scratches again.

Stain Shield

Superior stain protection from bug splats, bird droppings, tree sap stains that decolour bodywork paint.


Resistant to solvents and alcohol-based liquids, designed to guard a vehicle's paintwork from damage caused by corrosive substances.

Stay Beautiful

Aqua-CoatTM Hydrophobic Protection

Proprietary advanced technology delivers liquid repellency performance that helps keep the car looking cleaner, longer.


Formulated for excellent UV, heat and water resistance to preserve paintwork.


Superior optical clarity of the film intensifies original paintwork, creating a mirror-like shine.

Top-notch PPF Installation Standards

A successful PPF installation that meets V-KOOL standards requires installers who have a steady pair of hands, great attention to details and artisanal perspectives to adjust and mould the PPF to fit the car body. Every car model requires a different level of workmanship and V-KOOL takes pride in delivering the best possible installation results.

Examples of our workmanship - Close to edge trimming provides barely visible installation.

V-KOOL PPF is found exclusively at

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