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Spectrally Selective Performance​

iQUE Spectrally-Selective FG Series films have spectrally-selective properties that allows visible light in, but reflect selected infra-red wavelengths, thus helps to keep the interior of buildings and rooms cooler and lower energy costs.

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Spectrally Selective (FG) Series

iQUE Spectrally Selective (FG) Series is engineered to fit the needs of building and home owners who want the reflective technology that delivers the highest possible heat-rejection performance.

High Visible Light Transmission

Reduce Infra-red (heat) Build-up

Protect furniture from UV Fading

Helps Lower Energy Cost

Privacy Protection 

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Safety & Security Window Film

iQUE Safety & Security window films is designed to enhance the capability of window glass to withstand impact and raises the shatter-resistance level of glass to a higher degree and helps hold it together when damage occurs.

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Performance Series

iQUE Performance Series provides cost-effective performance with a wide range of tint selection, solar performance and color hue.

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Recommended as Effective UV Protectant

iQUE by V-KOOL, is awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation for its UV protection performance.

Global Portfolio

iQUE by V-KOOL is installed globally in selected international airports, leading hotels, luxury resorts, governmental buildings, corporate offices, shopping malls, condominiums and luxury homes.

Trusted brand for over 25 years

Recommended as Effective UV Protectant

Globally Found in Over 20 Countries

Manufacturer-backed Limited Warranty

iQUE Global Presence